Rod Hollinger, Water Matters DBA Culligan

Member Since:  2001

Water Matters DBA Culligan
327-68th Street East
Saskatoon, SK
S7P 0E3

Phone:  (306) 374-8555
Res:  (306) 651-3732
Cell:  (306) 220-9504
Fax:  (306) 955-9044



Member Information:

Culligan Water is a water treatment company as well as a bottled water company. We test water and offer all kinds of solutions for your water treatment. We sell everything from whole household Reverse Osmosis Systems, Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems, under sink Reverse Osmosis Systems, water softeners, iron filters, ultra-violet lights, point of use coolers and water coolers - just to name a few. We also have all of our own service people and we manufacture and supply all of our own products.

Water Matters DBA Culligan Water has been in business in Saskatoon for over 70 years. We have two locations in Saskatoon - 301 Central Avenue and 511B 51st Street East. Just say "Hey Culligan Man" and we will have a representative at your door!