Networking Done Right

The Promotion Club of Saskatoon is a leads-based club that has been promoting Saskatoon business for 45 years. Our primary objective is to promote the business interests of our members by providing information or leads to fellow club members. Existing in each lead is a business opportunity for our members, in such areas as business openings, closures, transfer of ownership, relocation, residential move-ins, weddings, community events, etc. Our leads normally consist of brand new or red-hot information, giving you an opportunity to see a prospect before the competition is even aware that the prospect exists.

Although we are a leads-based club, it is also our objective to encourage networking and to encourage business referrals to club members, where possible. Furthermore, our club finds it important to promote community awareness by sharing information regarding local events and by inviting community leaders to speak at our meetings.

The club meets over lunch every Thursday in a private banquet room at Smiley's. Attendance at the meetings is the essence of our club, which consists of men and women from various industries and local businesses - some of whom have been members for over 30 years! Our club offers membership exclusivity in which we only permit one company from any particular industry to be represented in our club. This provides the opportunity for each member to have an advantage over their direct competition within their specific industry.

Although the focus of The Promotion Club of Saskatoon is to provide fellow members with business-related leads, our club is also devoted to hosting a variety of social events and guest speakers throughout the year. You may find further details regarding these events here.

We look forward to networking with you at one of our upcoming meetings!