Membership within The Promotion Club of Saskatoon is industry-exclusive, meaning that our club will only permit one company from any particular industry to be represented. This provides each member with an advantage over their direct competition within their specific industry.

​If you are interested in learning more about The Promotion Club of Saskatoon, we cordially invite you to attend one of our weekly lunch meetings as a guest. Please Contact Us to schedule a lunch meeting that suits your agenda.​​



  • Promoting your own business within the club

  • Promoting eachother's business with our clients/customers

  • Promoting community awareness by sharing information on local events

  • Receiving and delivering personal referrals within the club

  • Gaining knowledge about the events and happenings throughout Saskatoon and surrounding area

  • Gathering valuable information provided by Guest Speakers

  • Encouraging networking

  • Participating in various social events throughout the year


Every member is expected to attend each weekly meeting at Smiley's; however, each member is permitted to appoint one alternate from their organization as a replacement when unable to attend. It is also expected that each member will provide a minimum of two "leads" per meeting, which will be shared with the rest of the club. These "leads" are usually business-related and concern such areas as business openings, closures, transfer of ownership, relocation, residential move-ins, community events, etc.



If you are interested in joining The Promotion Club of Saskatoon, please download our Membership Application Form below. Please bring your completed Application Form to one of our scheduled lunch meetings, which are held every Thursday at Smiley's.

Click Here to Download Application Form

​We look forward to having you as a member of The Promotion Club of Saskatoon!