Constitution of The Promotion Club of Saskatoon

  1. The name of the organization shall be THE PROMOTION CLUB OF SASKATOON.

  2. The Object of the organization shall be to:
    - Promote the business interests of its members, by providing information or "leads" to fellow club members. Leads are intended for club members' use only.
    - Encourage networking and to encourage business referrals to club members, where possible.
    - Promote community awareness by sharing information on community events and by inviting community leaders to speak at our meetings.

  3. The Executive of the organization shall consist of a President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary/Treasurer, and three Directors, and shall take office January 1st. If Past President has left the club, the position will not be filled for that term of office. A quorum of four Executive Members must exist.

  4. The Executive shall be elected at the annual Meeting in the month of October in each year, and the term of office in each case shall be for a minimum of (1) year.

  5. Meetings of the organization shall be held Thursday of every week at 12:05 pm, unless the Executive shall otherwise decide.

  6. Membership in the organization shall be open to one person from each classification (or category). Any dispute as to conflicting categories or interests, shall be decided by the Executive.

  7. New membership shall be by application complete with accompanying fee for the first three months, or pro-rated as decided by the Secretary/Treasurer. In the event that more than one application is received for one category on the same day, the choice will be made by random draw.

  8. The dues for the organization shall be billed quarterly, one week in advance, and payable to the Secretary/Treasurer by each January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Members not paid shall be contacted by the Executive to determine payment status.

  9. Attendance at meetings is the essence of the organization. Any member missing six meetings in succession shall be contacted by a member of the Executive to determine the member's intention. If member does not respond by continued attendance by his/herself or by his/her alternate, his/her category shall be deemed open as of the last paid quarter.

  10. A financial statement shall be prepared annually by the Secretary/Treasurer of the preceding term, and shall be presented prior to February 1st each year.

  11. The constitution may be amended at any meeting of the organization, provided written notice is given of the proposed change at least one week prior to the meeting and provided that any change is approved by a two-thirds majority vote of those present at the meeting.

  12. In the event that a member is absent during a vote, that member may vote by written proxy via a fellow member that is present during the vote. Alternates do not have voting privileges except by written proxy for a member.

  13. Members are expected to exercise discretion in the selection of guests which they bring to the meeting. The confidential nature of the leads and discussions during the meeting make it imperative that outsiders are not made privy to information which is intended for members only.

  14. Members are expected to pay for all guests meals – the only exception being where a guest is brought to the meeting for the first time as a prospective member. The member will be billed for the guest with his/her regular quarterly billing. Guest attendance will be monitored and recorded by the person responsible for recording the general attendance of the members.

  15. Members may accompany their alternate on his/her first visit to the club only – if a member brings his/her alternate with him/her to any subsequent meeting, the member is expected to pay for alternate's meal, just as he/she would another guest. Alternate attendance will be monitored and recorded by the person responsible for recording the general attendance of the members.

  16. Under no circumstances will rumors be printed by the club.

  17. Under no circumstances will negative leads be printed by the club.

  18. If a position on the Executive becomes vacant during a term, a call for nominations will be sent out to all members immediately and an election to fill the position will be held at the earliest possible meeting.

  19. Each member shall pay membership dues for each unrelated, separately operating business category in which they represent.

  20. If upon the winding up or dissolution of The Promotion Club of Saskatoon there remains any property whatsoever, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, the property must not be paid to or distributed among the members, or former members. The surplus property must be donated to a charity as selected by the Executive.

  21. A person shall maintain membership in The Promotion Club of Saskatoon as "retired" status. Any member maintaining "retired" status will not represent a business category and must have been a member of The Promotion Club of Saskatoon for a minimum of 5 consecutive years prior to acquiring "retired" status.

  22. The Promotion Club of Saskatoon provides a professional and comfortable atmosphere. All members are required to act in a professional and courteous manner at all events and meetings of The Promotion Club of Saskatoon. Failure to comply may result in a review of membership status by the Executive.